Welcome to the campaign!

I am hoping to get a 4th ed. D&D game going and you've been invited to play! (If you stumbled across this on your own you are, I'm sorry to say, not invited.)

I haven't DM'd in a while, and I'm new to 4th edition, but I'm hoping to get something fun going as I've been missing roleplaying a lot lately.

I'd like to get back to the "roots" of D&D and run a pretty basic, classic D&D game. I'll be using the standard 4th edition rules and, at least to get things started, I'll probably be using some pre-made modules from WotC to lighten the load on me and hopefully give the players the benifit of some well-planned encounters and locations.

If things go well, maybe we can swap out DMs once things get established and I'll actually get a chance to play.  

Please take a look at the Character Creation page if you want to get started on your character. You may also want to check out The Story So Far…

Once you're done, feel free to flush out any "public" information (things your travelling companions would know about you) in the Characters section once you're done.  

Chaos Scar

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