Chaos Scar

Session 1

Bandits on the road!

The PCs made their way through a tight, rocky valley where they were ambushed by some bandits.

The bandits demanded that Bomin and the PCs surrender their wagon and all their goods, and offered them the chance to run away with their lives.

Of course, the headstrong Dragonborne Paladin rushed straight in and went toe to toe with the bandit leader. Arrows flew from the high cliffs above the party as the Paladin and Dalgin locked into melee with the bandit leader and his dwarven lackeys while Ur. and the Chaos Sorcerer picked off the archers from cover of the wagon. 

When the dust settled, a lone half-orc archer remained, quickly surrendering when given the option.

The party "accidentally" allowed the captive to flee, hoping he would spread the word of "crazy" adventurers headed to the keep.

That evening, the party arrived at Restwell Keep. They found the room at the [[Traveller's Inn]] where the bandits appeared to have been staying – not to mention, Ur. furthered the reputation of insanity by trying to trick the inn-keeper into thinking he was part of the bandits' group.

The only thing the party found in the bandits' room was a Burned Note in the fireplace. 

The next morning, the party relocated to the much more inviting Stumbling Giant Inn across the way. There they learned a bit more about the History of the area.

After attempting to get an audience with Lord Drysdale the PCs did eventually get to speak to his second in command, Elessan who sent them to speak to a priest of Avandra named Methusala. Methusala requested that the party help investigate some disapearances in the area – including two of the church's own initiates. 

The disapearances are suspected as being related to a cult of slave traders.

The party gladly accepted the job, and will be striking out shortly to investigate an area West of the [[King's Wall]].



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