Chaos Scar

Session 2

The cult of Torog defeated!

This session opened with the party departing from Restwell Keep on a mission from the local priest of Avandra. 

The party traveled West through the Kings Wall without incident and after many hours of scouting the forest surrounding the area indicated by the intelligence they had, the group finally stumbled upon a suspcious looking cavern.

Decending into the cavern, the party comes under fire from a pair of flying humonculi made of of some glowing blue rock. Quickly defeating the sentries, the Dragonborne charged through the door and came face to face with a massive living Arbalast – a huge seige crossbow – being unleashed by a one-armed Gnoll. 

After dispatching the arbalast and the gnoll, the group searched the front entry and the Gnoll's quarters. Here they found a magical Falchion among the Gnoll's discarded weapons cache. 

Moving through the cavern, the players discovered a rope bridge across a deep gorge filled with Myconids. Fortunately, the mycanids remained undesturbed and the party was able to cross the bridge and take out the small group of cultists.

Finally, entering the Temple of Torog – a bizarre building with an extremely low ceiling, likely designed with the idea that all who enter the temple should kneel to Torog – the party quickly dispatched the halfing cult leader and even rescued a dying halfling slave. Although, not before two of the party's number (the Dragonborne and Dalgin) went down to the final spectacular attack of the last remaining homunculus.

They also recovered a chunk of the same glowing blue rock that the humonculi were made of. The chunk of rock appears to be a piece of the massive meteor said to have hit the area all those centuries ago, and is clearly a source of great power… and great evil.

The session ends with the group taking a much-needed rest outside the caverns, readying themselves for the trek back to the keep the next morning.  



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