Chaos Scar

Session 3

The Chaos Spiral (aka Tentacles and Taints)

On their way back from the underground temple of Torog, the group spotted a strange sickly-blue glow in the distance. Going to investigate, they found another underground cavern.

The odd blue light from the cavern was found to be the result of crystaline formations studding the walls of the cavern. The light emenated by the crystals makes the skin crawl and larger formations actually proved to be detrimental to the combat effectiveness on non-aberations. 

The party had to fight their way through a dozen or so tentacled, tainted beings from the Far Realm, likely drawn to this place by the odd crystal formations in the cave. 

At the bottom of the long, spiraling, confusing network of tunnels, the group finally found the apparent source of the crystals and the odd tentacled creatures – a strange golem-like creature that appears to have formed around a shard of blue crystal. The shard is almost certainly an off-cast piece of the meteor that struck the valley so many decades ago.

The shard itself appears have the ability to improve spells channeled through it if it were to be attached to a rod, staff, or wand. However, the shard clearly emenates great evil. 




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