A strange being of living crystal


Shardmind Psion – Controller


Description – Ur is a slender humanoid figure of tiny translucent sky blue crystals. A dim light emanates from within the figure, becoming glowing points where eyes would normally be. The crystals are in constant silent motion. Ur wears splendid robes of the finest craftsmanship. They are clearly expensive and may even be in fashion somewhere, though decidedly not anywhere he frequents. With few exceptions Ur travels lounging atop a conjured disc of force.

Behavior – Ur signed onto the caravan guards shortly after it began its journey. Ur was delighted to learn of the game of dice taught to him by the passing caravan master. Ur remained in good spirits even after learning that to pay the debts Ur would be pressed into service as a guard. Ur is optimistic, curious, and impulsive and either does not understand or is uninterested in the finer points of humanoid existence. Ur is given to extravagance yet is unworried about losing his possessions or when deprived of comfort. Ur constantly seeks new experiences and will generally ignore his mundane chores in favor of playing chess or sightseeing. Though truly worthless when it comes to doing work around the caravan Ur has proven to be a shrewd tactician and capable combatant when danger appears. The unwarranted optimism Ur brings to all situations has also helped keep moral high.


Chaos Scar phlama