Chaos Scar

Session 4
"Can I have your desk?" - Ur

Our heroes return from their adventures out past the King's Wall with their spoils and spend a few days exploring Restwell Keep in more detail. 

Ur spent his time trying to start a quiet revolution in the town, hoping to spread unrest in the already unstable political climat. The common folk in the keep already feel a divide between the Inner Bailey where Lord Drysdale and his soldiers reside, and the Outer Bailey where all the common folk live their lives.

Benwick, a travelling priest, was found to be a supporter of the people and one of Drysdale's detractors. He tends to entertain the keeps more important residents and visitors and can be heard preaching that the paladin lord is taking away the freedom of the common folk.  

Ur also discussed the political situation briefly with the High Priestess of Avandra, Chendera. She runs the Chapel of Avandra and is already well ahead of Ur in her desire to have Lord Drysdale vacate the keep.

While constructing a new Staff to hold a piece of Chaos Shard, Paul was contacted by an acolyte of the Saruun Guildhouse. The Lord of the guildhouse, Citirian, offered the party quite a sum of gold in exchange for the Chaos Shard found in the posession of the mad halfling cult leader. Ur also acquired a desk. 

Based on leads from Citirian, the group set out to an abandoned keep near the King's Wall thought to be infested with Bullywugs. Citerian will happily purchase Chaos Shards and other corrupted samples from the group.

The party left the safety of the keep and travelled towards the abandoned keep to find a group of goblins having just murdered another adventuring party. Among the corpses, the group found a Letter containing evidence that this group was hired by a local Baron to track down a trio of murderous halflings. 

The party rested up and now stands at the entrance to the ruined keep, ready to slay the occupying Bullywugs. 

Session 3
The Chaos Spiral (aka Tentacles and Taints)

On their way back from the underground temple of Torog, the group spotted a strange sickly-blue glow in the distance. Going to investigate, they found another underground cavern.

The odd blue light from the cavern was found to be the result of crystaline formations studding the walls of the cavern. The light emenated by the crystals makes the skin crawl and larger formations actually proved to be detrimental to the combat effectiveness on non-aberations. 

The party had to fight their way through a dozen or so tentacled, tainted beings from the Far Realm, likely drawn to this place by the odd crystal formations in the cave. 

At the bottom of the long, spiraling, confusing network of tunnels, the group finally found the apparent source of the crystals and the odd tentacled creatures – a strange golem-like creature that appears to have formed around a shard of blue crystal. The shard is almost certainly an off-cast piece of the meteor that struck the valley so many decades ago.

The shard itself appears have the ability to improve spells channeled through it if it were to be attached to a rod, staff, or wand. However, the shard clearly emenates great evil. 


Session 2
The cult of Torog defeated!

This session opened with the party departing from Restwell Keep on a mission from the local priest of Avandra. 

The party traveled West through the Kings Wall without incident and after many hours of scouting the forest surrounding the area indicated by the intelligence they had, the group finally stumbled upon a suspcious looking cavern.

Decending into the cavern, the party comes under fire from a pair of flying humonculi made of of some glowing blue rock. Quickly defeating the sentries, the Dragonborne charged through the door and came face to face with a massive living Arbalast – a huge seige crossbow – being unleashed by a one-armed Gnoll. 

After dispatching the arbalast and the gnoll, the group searched the front entry and the Gnoll's quarters. Here they found a magical Falchion among the Gnoll's discarded weapons cache. 

Moving through the cavern, the players discovered a rope bridge across a deep gorge filled with Myconids. Fortunately, the mycanids remained undesturbed and the party was able to cross the bridge and take out the small group of cultists.

Finally, entering the Temple of Torog – a bizarre building with an extremely low ceiling, likely designed with the idea that all who enter the temple should kneel to Torog – the party quickly dispatched the halfing cult leader and even rescued a dying halfling slave. Although, not before two of the party's number (the Dragonborne and Dalgin) went down to the final spectacular attack of the last remaining homunculus.

They also recovered a chunk of the same glowing blue rock that the humonculi were made of. The chunk of rock appears to be a piece of the massive meteor said to have hit the area all those centuries ago, and is clearly a source of great power… and great evil.

The session ends with the group taking a much-needed rest outside the caverns, readying themselves for the trek back to the keep the next morning.  

Session 1
Bandits on the road!

The PCs made their way through a tight, rocky valley where they were ambushed by some bandits.

The bandits demanded that Bomin and the PCs surrender their wagon and all their goods, and offered them the chance to run away with their lives.

Of course, the headstrong Dragonborne Paladin rushed straight in and went toe to toe with the bandit leader. Arrows flew from the high cliffs above the party as the Paladin and Dalgin locked into melee with the bandit leader and his dwarven lackeys while Ur. and the Chaos Sorcerer picked off the archers from cover of the wagon. 

When the dust settled, a lone half-orc archer remained, quickly surrendering when given the option.

The party "accidentally" allowed the captive to flee, hoping he would spread the word of "crazy" adventurers headed to the keep.

That evening, the party arrived at Restwell Keep. They found the room at the [[Traveller's Inn]] where the bandits appeared to have been staying – not to mention, Ur. furthered the reputation of insanity by trying to trick the inn-keeper into thinking he was part of the bandits' group.

The only thing the party found in the bandits' room was a Burned Note in the fireplace. 

The next morning, the party relocated to the much more inviting Stumbling Giant Inn across the way. There they learned a bit more about the History of the area.

After attempting to get an audience with Lord Drysdale the PCs did eventually get to speak to his second in command, Elessan who sent them to speak to a priest of Avandra named Methusala. Methusala requested that the party help investigate some disapearances in the area – including two of the church's own initiates. 

The disapearances are suspected as being related to a cult of slave traders.

The party gladly accepted the job, and will be striking out shortly to investigate an area West of the [[King's Wall]].

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