The past few months have been tough, to say the least. When Bomin Bronzebeard hired you and several other adventurers to guard his small merchant caravan to the remote Restwell Keep, it sounded like a simple enough job. 

 The boistrous dwarf slapped your back heartily, proclaiming "I've been t'the keep o'er a dozen times. Never had any trouble! The odd brigand here and there, o'course, but nothing you can't handle I'm sure!"

 What he apparently left out is that in the decade or so since his last trip North, the road to the remote Restwell Keep has grown somewhat wilder than his claims. 

 The first month wasn't so bad;a  few highway robbers, easily chased off. You even had time to get to know your fellow guards, play a few games of cards and dice, tell stories, the usual. 

 The second half of the trip has been somewhat more challenging, though. Bomin swears he's never seen so many aggressive monsters this close to the road before. 

 Dispite the half-dozen semi-organized ambushes and night-time attacks from wild animals, your goal is finally in site. Bomin declares that you should reach the gates of Restwell Keep by the next evening… 


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