Character Creation

Character creation will be pretty simple. You may use any of the published 4th edition books (I'm using the full version, not Essentials and, to be honest, I don't know if Essentials is any different, but to be safe/compatible, let's all stick to the core books). 


While creating your character, please keep the following in mind:


* 1st level

* any race/class from the PHB and PHB3 would be easy as I own those books, but any published source is fine. If you want to use a race/class from another book, please make sure you can share the book with me.

* stats will be using the point buy method. 

* I recommend a good/neutral alignment as you will be part of a group of adventuring companions with which you will need to get along. 

* For my sake, keep your backstory relatively uncomplicated. Stick with typical hero archetypes and try not to make your character difficult to get along with. This may seem "boring" to some of my regular players, but it will make my life much easier!



Character Creation

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